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Peacock Angelite &  Quartz Mala

Peacock Angelite & Quartz Mala


The energy of this piece is extreamly high vibrational and peaceful. The Quartz crescent moon is serenely beautifyl and is complemented beautifully with the silvertone accent beads. 


108 x 6mm gemstone beads with 4 Cloud Quartz “pause” beads, the pendant is also Quartz. All hand knotted in between each bead, infused with love, intention and reiki healing energy.


High Vibration ~ Compassion ~ Peace ~ Community ~ Strengthens existing bonds ~ Communication ~ Perception ~ Spirituality ~ Connection to Angel Guides ~ Channeling ~ Telepathic communication ~ Harmaony ~ Balance


    Mala’s can be simply worn as a necklace or also used in meditation to count repetitions of mantras, prayers or affirmations by rotating the beads between the thumb and fingers. Worn on the body, either inside or outside clothing, these sacred pieces will carry the positive, healing qualities of the stones into your personal energy field.


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