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Happy Vibes Bracelet

Happy Vibes Bracelet


Our Happy Vibes bracelet has been created to help uplift you and fill you with happiness and positivity.


Featuring 6mm Gemstone beads and infused with Reiki and healing intentions to support you with happy vibes.


We use all natural Gemstone beads in this bracelet;

Amethyst - to help maintain happiness

Aventurine - for confidence, self-worth & optimisim

Bloodstone - for energy, to boost enthusiasm & maintain

emotional well-being

Carnelian - to restore motivation, confidence & Joy

Citrine - for positive energy & happiness

Poppy Jasper - for the manifestation of dreams, goals & ambition

Smokey Quartz - for releasing old stagnant energy

Sunstone - for optimism & energy

Yellow Jasper - brings happiness, clarity & self confidence


    Handmade on high quality elastic, to fit most wrist sizes.


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