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Bronzite Bracelet

Bronzite Bracelet


Bronzite Bracelet


Featuring 10-12mm bronzite nugget beads on high quality jewlers grade elastic, infused with healing intention and reiki healing energy.


A protective warrior stone, Bronzite crystal is associated with boosting self-confidence and infusing the spirit with the courage to follow through with actions. Call on the Bronzite crystal to not just repel negative energy but also send it back to the owner. When it comes to some of our biggest challenges in life Bronzite gives you the courage and self-confidence to take the ups and downs of life all in your stride. Bronzite is linked with restoring harmony deep within so that your mind-body-spirit flows with the natural rhythm of the universe.


    Handmade on high quality elastic, to fit most wrist sizes.


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