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African Jade Bracelet

African Jade Bracelet


African Jade Bracelet


Featuring 6-8mm African Jade nugget beads on high quality jewlers grade elastic, infused with healing intention and reiki healing energy.


African Jade is a very useful stone for those who suffer from sudden low times and feel they can’t look ahead of them to the future. A stone that helps to broaden the mind on goals for the future, also helping to feed passion into those goals. This stone also encourages the keeper to see the beauty all around them - almost see the world as a pure aura of colours.


This stone helps one to find space and time for peace, for calm and serenity. African Jade brings forth a sense of knowing when this time is needed, and how to create, as well as benefit, in the most nurturing way.


A stone to help one find comfort from within and to put this into the surroundings of oneself, especially when the surroundings are not as one hoped for, or feels comfortable with.


    Handmade on high quality elastic, to fit most wrist sizes.


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