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Terms and Conditions

  1. No shows and last-minute cancellations prevent others from accessing services when needed. 

  2. If you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please give at least 24 hrs notice. If you cancel within this timeframe or fail to show for an appointment you will be charged the full fee, or have the session count as one of your packages sessions. 

  3. To cancel or reschedule an appointment please refer to your original booking confirmation email.

  4. It is your responsibility to ensure you arrive to your appointment on time. If you arrive late, you appointment may be cancelled or cut short to ensure it finished on time as to not inconvenience the next person.

  5. Your session may prompt an emotional response, is subject to your own personal interpretation and is not professional medical, psychological, legal/or financial advice.

  6. Our services are not intended for, nor should ever be used in place of professional services including but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological services.

  7. The accuracy and applicability of a reading or other service is in no way warranted or guaranteed.

  8. We accept no responsibility and/or liability for any decisions and/or actions you or someone else may choose or makes based on any service provided by us.

  9. A recording of your session is not included and is not permitted. You are not authorised to record any session due to the sacred nature of the readings and healings and the privacy of all parties involved. You may make notes during the session.

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